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I'm pretty sure Flamethrower is actually 15 seconds in cooldown as well, I wasn't really looking at other abilities when I made this. But remember that a player running around you can easily make you waste those three seconds trying to make the flamethrower with the initial cost.

Also note that Sweeping Blasters doesn't count. It cancels out Sweeping Slash, Suppressive Fire, and Force Storm because they are all designed in similar fashions.

Death From Above is also not mention because A) it's a channel and B) It's cancelled out by Orbital Strike (Castable that lasts 9 seconds, and can be upgraded with gear to last 12. Not to mention can also be specialized as a sniper to have a 45 second cooldown instead of 60. Overall, they cancel each other out due to doing a smiliar amount of damage, orbital strike being elemental and DTA being kinetic.)

I'm mostly just annoyed that it costs us a third of the bar and has a thirty second cooldown, and we don't get a proc for it or anything.
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