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You dont say

Oh discussing me is now most important thing for you in this world.


And insulting others...yah, people like you resort to that. Thats why you want others to be forced to group with you.

Im repeating myself hahahahahahah. Stop going in circles. Yah ill just quote myself rofl

Stop with silly stuff (like SWTOR in #2 MMO rofl, its doing great, F2P is becuse its successful, its not bleeding subs..) etc.It sounds REALLY stupid, make you sound like a shill, hey, hows stuff at BW, heard its bad, really bad? (general remark, that includes you and many more)

i guess it pains you that i am right and people like you were wrong, and since 2,2+ million people voted with their wallets, theres something obviously wrong with the game and BW should be grateful im (we are) spending my (our) time giving them feedback (if it wasnt for few peoples rude interruptions and derailment of threads - like your for example) that they listened to the wrong crowd and how to make it better.

Because wise man once said: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Why are you repeating yourself in hopes of dodging my question, why are you still here, if you are not happy with this product.
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