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Quote: Originally Posted by GrandMike View Post
Oh discussing me is now most important thing for you in this world.
He never said that it is the most important for him in this world. He asked a question of why you were still here. Nothing in that post implies it's the most important thing to him. You like to believe it is, but sadly, you're mistaken.

This is why you are terrible at arguing. You have brought nothing new to this discussion for the last several pages. You even admit that you feel like just repeating yourself over and over.

Let it go and move on.

When will this game become your awesome Single Player RPG? In the words of Taylor Swift: "Never, ever, never."

So all you're doing is shouting at the rain like a mad man who thinks his cries can make a difference.

If you want to continue with the discussion and add something new, then please do so. But standing on your "I'm so right because I say I'm right... look at all the past evidence, blah, blah."

Guess what? I did. There's interviews where the talk about how awesome the class storylines are going to be, but make specific references to how Han, Leia, and Luke are all individuals with their own unique storylines, but sometimes they have to get together to accomplish bigger stories. Congrats, that's your group content right there. Doing stuff together to accomplish something.