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Yep. It's a perfectly good game, but it's not great. It's not even close to great. The voiced storylines are fantastic, but it's been almost a year now without any update to them. Everything else is taken from WoW and implemented with less polish. Even little quality-of-life things like the camera and micro-stutter need more work. And don't give me "WoW has been out for 7 years" nonsense. Why don't you go release a brand new phone on the market with features equivalent to a phone from 2005 and see if the "Apple has had products on the market for longer" argument flies. People pay for a service, and they will want to pay for the best one. Compete properly, or don't compete at all...........
I'll be happy to give you the "WoW has been out of 7 years" nonsense.

You are comparing two very different things.
The amount of time that went into building the features of our phones 10 years ago might even be more than the time they spend on building the ones we have now. None of this matters, all that matters is that stuff requires TIME.
We would have all those "basic features" (that only exist in WoW and Rift) if there were no voice acted quests etc, but I'd choose those anytime.
If a company is not making back their investment they can't just go "oh yeaaa lets sit back and make some new content".
This will only help them keep some of the current subscribers, BUT they must focus on bringing in more players and just hope that the current ones wont leave before they can actually work on new content.
They just need to fix the population problem FIRST(which imo is the actual "basic" thing we need) and once they see things are going as they should they can spend ALL their time on new stuff.

They can't invest that much MORE time and money into this game before the population grows.

All of you who are so mad about SWTOR failing are actually the cause, if I had not already tried SWTOR I would of come on these forums and read all the negative crap and think "Oh ok this game is ****/dead, NEXT"
and this is what happens a lot. Stop with all the "SWTOR sucks" crap because it's easily better than 99% of all MMOs.
I'm pretty sure most people here have only played the most known MMOs like WoW, Rift, GW, but there are actually hundreds more.
All the MMOs I've played so far have some kind of problem that makes me quit, but only real problem I see with SWTOR is the crappy engine they used which makes FPS you get based on luck.

Something that most of you will find funny is that there was also a reason why I quit WoW and that was TOO MUCH CONTENT.
I don't want to LIVE in a game and there was seriously too much to do and I just can't compete without spending all my time there. Games should not be like a second job that requires even more time than your actual one.

For the record I re-subscribed a bit earlier than planned just to reply.