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Please explain.

You make an accusation but can't seem to back it up by any explanation. Which makes me think you are impotent of being able to do such.

Only person my Jedi met when he was being trained under the Sith Emporer was Chaskar, given he has a name and not a number is not a member of the Hand. Nor did he meet any members of the hand while running round the emporers cloaked space station. So where were they if they truely serve the Emporer. Not with his true Voice on Voss that was clear from the story arc so where were these people getting their orders from?

The only time my Warrior came close to meeting the Emporers was his voice on Voss and that showed as a Voss yet the creature my Jedi met was at best a Sith Zombie similar to what is fought on Korriban to get your first saber. Which leads me to believe the person my Jedi met was the true emporer and the encounter so it stands that my Jedi has more time with the emporer than my Sith which is backwards and emporers hand could easily be a dillusional cult as Baras claims given the limited amount of face time you have with anything close to the emporer.
If you payed attention to the Warrior and JK storyline you would know the Hand doesnt need to be around the emperor. They are infused with his essence and can hear his thoughts from across the galaxy and only they know his true plans. How did you not know this? It was made a massive deal in the SW/JK/JC storyline. You couldve even read it on wookiepedia and saved yourself from ranting on about it being a "Plot hole".