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11.13.2012 , 08:51 AM | #51
[QUOTE=Creedys;5383489]Then they should roll on a PvP server. The RP designation means that if you enjoy RP and PvP... this server is for you. I see no reason why a PvPer wouldn't just pick a PvP server to begin with.... there are plenty of them out there. /shrug

Dreg, telling all the hardcore pvp'rs that are left they should have rolled on a pvp server will not help the cause of trying to save jungma .

I personally would have loved to have had a hardcore RP/PvP Imperial guild who dressed like storm troopers
And Curbstomped Alpha into oblivion. But sadly there is no imperial RP/PvP guild on this server.

But the point is moot, F2P will not bring RPrs PvPrs or even RP/PvPrs, everyone knows this.
So all the pvprs will transfer to a pvp server, so that they can simply play the game and the jungma identity will be lost.
And with paid transfers and mutiple choices not everyone will go to the same server so any comraderie we have built up will be lost. There are plenty of pubs that fear me and that I have fun crushing. And I am sure they love killing me.
So to all my dead enemies I salute you. And hope that we can continue our battles on the same server in the future.

P.s. shame on bioware for not letting the imperials have a common suit of armor to RP in. For shame.
And don't troll me with the stupid @........ Suit that only 2% of the people have access to.