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Good suggestions. Bump for justice because this is still an ongoing issue and needs to be addressed immediately. 1.6 is not soon enough, hotfix this preposterously dysfunctional, broken and unplayable class.
I doubt they'll hotfix it now only because I suspect 1.6 is going to be a massive PVP-focused update.

6 weeks from 1.5 (which is November 15) will put us pretty much at the end of December/early January, which is exactly the anniversary of update 1.1 -- for those of you that weren't there, it's the update that Bioware broke Ilum (worse than it was). Bioware has already said they want to celebrate the debacle with a world event, and that would conincide nicely with when Patch 1.6 would be due. Also due in 1.6 is a new warzone, the Elite War Hero armor set, and presumably Season 1 of ranked warzones with a rating reset.

I also think that with Season 1 Bioware will also be doing a large round of class balancing, and they've already highlighted that Commando/Mercenary will be receiving something in the survivability department, the stun bubble of Sorc/Sage is getting a review, and unless Bioware is truly malicious, Smash/Sweep is 'overperforming' and a nerf is most likely imminent (I hope it's on the caliber of the nerfs which hit ''overperforming' healers in 1.2, but I'm just vengeful like that). And maybe, just maybe, Bioware will cap it all off with Ilum open world PvP which they planned to have back online by the end of 2012 and the ever illusive ranked PvP cross queue may even make an appearance now that they've stepped up their server technologies.
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