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Spent the day on DK doing some "training excercises." AKA getting into duels with marauders smashjuggs and assassins to learn how to take care of them in the worst circumstances. Most of the time, it came down to whether or not my HSM would trigger a critical hit. Most of the time, it wouldn't, so most of the time I'd end up on the floor.

I'd like to see increased critical chance for HSM per each stack of TM. Anywhere from 2-5% would be pretty awesome. I'm not asking for "Lolinstacritz!" but after they nerfed our passive crit bonus in the healing tree (WHICH btw the Jugg has 6% again. LOL so much for the "Across the board adjustment" BS) getting HSM to say hello is just far more difficult than it should be. With what seems to be a math adjustment to damage across the board, mercs damage potential is despicably low.

I'd say that mainly comes from not getting enough critical hits, alot of not being able to cast tracer missile to set up large hits in arsenal, and pyro just all around being nerfed repeatedly and senselessly(PS nerf, being forced to sit there to cast PPA proc moves, unload only having a chance to proc once, snare redux, and critical adjustments).

Give back the 10% damage you took off of power shot. Increase the damage numbers on railshot, or give it a bigger penetration buff. Do SOMETHING for a class that you've been maligning since 1.2 for no reason other than you don't know what you're doing. Because just noticing they suffer from escape issues is the dumbest thing I've heard all day. Duh. Everyone knew that before 1.2. They just didn't bind their interrupt key until after it.
Good suggestions. Bump for justice because this is still an ongoing issue and needs to be addressed immediately. 1.6 is not soon enough, hotfix this preposterously dysfunctional, broken and unplayable class.