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The only intelligent response I've seen so far was from SithlordXanatos. Everybody else is using ridiculous and baseless arguments to combat something like this. If I got a server first Nightmare Mode Eternity Vault or whatever I'd hope that I would get recognition for it. Who says that I would use it to gloat. Its an achievement and its damn hard to get. Its also come to my attention that a lot of people don't want something like this because they don't want to put in the effort to get it, therefore don't want others to have something they don't. And if I were to gloat about it that is my personal business, Bioware can't stop a person from gloating or acting like an ***. The same exact people complained about the idea of a DPS meter. I would certainly use it because its my playstyle in mmo's.

Edit: And to the person above me, I get it you don't like WoW. People in raiding guilds do have lives, and may or may not care about lore and story. I personally enjoy the main quest I'm engaged in right now and I'm in a raiding guild so please, think before you say something.
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