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Quoted from the SGRA faq:

Here in the US, ESRB rates romantic or intimate content by degree of explicitness. What we have in SWTOR is within what is rated as T, and the rating is not affected in any way by whether it is same-gender or opposite-gender content. Why would it be? It's imaginary characters displaying non-explicit affection. Here's the official statement:

Quote: Originally Posted by ESRB
Thank you for contacting the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). We sincerely appreciate your taking the time to write.

The ESRB is a non-profit, self-regulatory body that assigns age and content ratings for video games and mobile apps so parents can make informed choices as to which are suitable for their children and family. As part of its self-regulatory role for the video game industry, the ESRB also enforces industry-adopted advertising guidelines and helps ensure responsible online privacy practices among companies participating in its Privacy Online program.

We understand that sexual themes have the potential to be of concern to consumers, which is why all such content must be disclosed during the rating process. In specific regard to your question, ESRBís ratings criteria do not distinguish between heterosexual and same-sex content when it comes to addressing sexuality in games.

We hope this information is helpful, and thank you again for writing.

Best regards,
Entertainment Software Rating Board
The Pan European Game Information rating system is quite similar to the one used in the US by the ESRB. According to the PEGI, this game is rated 16+ for realistic looking violence, with sexuality not even mentioned. For more information about PEGI, check out their website here and here for all PEGI ratings related to the Old Republic line of games.
Notice that says "T" for teen. This is obviously not for young kids and I'd like to believe that most teenagers know about the homosexual community.

Three other things I wanted to add:

Some of the stories, such as the SI, give the player many many chances to randomly shock people that irritate them. Seriously, some of them are basically, "What, you have shinier shoes than I?" [shock]. 50 DS pts. And that is just a very mild example of the random cruelty that can happen in the game.

Secondly, this thread started in January, and there was a long thread in the Beta forums about this topic as well. This is the...7th or 8th incarnation of a topic that was regularly locked at around 100 pages. So it's more than just this particular thread.

Finally, I wanted to state my opinions on the OGRs in the game and also what the general goal of SGRs. Some of the posters here have not played the OGR content, so I'll try to give ideas without spoilers. Those few will be marked, of course. There's been two I have done, and one I stopped.

Male JK(almost completed, he's still lvl 46)--With Kira, there is not only the bond between Master and Student, but I always got the impression that she got my JK to loosen up and try to enjoy laughter as well as the more "serene" emotions of the Force. The romance added to one particular part in the JK storyline and made it that much more worth it.


Female IA(completed, level 50 and story class done)--Vector surprised me. I hadn't heard a lot of good things about the romance, but it was actually very well written. Hearing him lay his feelings out on the table after being one with the Kilicks for so long it was powerful to me, and extremely well done. The times he uses the first person pronoun instead of "we" was very cool.


Combine that with the platonic angle of his diplomacy, it made me swoon a little. A really good love story should do that. And mind, it wasn't so much the FTB that did it, but the dialog before behind that made the scene.

That is what people are asking for when it comes to SGRs. The chance to see and experience the dialog not the silly FBT that follows it. A chance to either play as themselves or try something new. It's really better story telling than many in the forums say and that should be something that everyone should get the chance to do.

Now, remember I mentioned aborting a romance arc. It was my first toon, my female SW.

I'll avoid character bashing here, which is better than I used to be. Anyhow, I had starting flirting with Quinn, but it didn't take long before the character kind of bored me. He didn't ask to flirt too much, in game he seemed too much of a brown-noser and was overly shy about returning my SW's advances. I frankly didn't think too much of it and I knew I could end the romance at any point as long as I wasn't silly enough to choose any sort of marriage proposal.


After that part of the story happens, I ended the romance. That didn't stop the flirts for about 2 more conversations though. I find it a little annoying, since I had already broken things off. However, I exercised the freedom the developers gave me.

I ignored him.

I really still don't like the character, I am still kinda ticked he's the only full romance option for females, and I was annoyed that it took a bit for the flirts to stop. Don't get me wrong, I would like more options for the lady SW (and other classes.) Pierce..isn't fair, and I would like to see Jaesa without rerolling.

However, I won't be rude enough to ask people to take the Quinn romance out of the game just because I don't like it. The opportunity to romance the love interest or not is a story feature that was promised to all ToR players last year. This thread, and the one in the General Forums, is to ask for clarification on the status of such features. There's been a lot of weirdness from the part of the developers and the moderators about this. Tweets were used to confirm off hand comments and then taken down. Nothing wrong with people asking for a less murky answer.

Remember, a person doesn't have to post here if they are that strongly opposed to this content. I do encourage everyone to take advantage of the contact info in my sig if they feel either wanting an update on this topic and for those that are very opposed to this content. That will provide contact information for people such as Joveth Gonzales (Senior Online Manager) and Allison Berryman. That includes Twitter, email, forum PM and a snail-mail address to BioWare Austin.

Now I'm going to go back to the game. There's a Sage that needs leveling. Take care all!