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- class stories are gone because that's what drove the budget of SWTOR through the roof. 8 stories with voice acting, 8 times the dialogues of "dragon age" or "mass effect" plus 40 companions.
while perfectly understandable and true, I'm afraid that everyone having the same story kills the game for me.. Even more so if its just a high tier flashpoint meant for a select few (something like Denova barely has any story whatsoever..). I would want my bounty hunter have bounty hunting missions, jedi knight protecting the helpless from the sith and empire in a cut-off remote settlement, inquisitor battling behind the scenes for power, and so on.

A 'team' to fight the same enemy, no matter who, is just boring same old seen thousands of times before..

It can fly a for a bit, but if its the only way forward...
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