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11.13.2012 , 05:53 AM | #9
This is nonsense really.

There is going to a demand for those low level orange shells.

The only problematic one I see is the Arms tech but that has been the case even before.

Biochem Cyber tech artifice and synthweaving in that order in my opinion. Armor tech is also viable for orange sets that people can use in lower levels but more people roll force classes so not as much potential clients.

I mean the people always look on the high ticket items but there is plenty money to be made selling blue or purple leveling crystals implants enhancements and so on. It is not the price per item it is the amount of items sold per day and even some greens sell very well.
Sure there are the 2 mills per mod things that everyone wants to make but to use car industry analogy.

Rolls Royce is not the biggest automaker or the one making the most money.