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11.13.2012 , 05:32 AM | #1
The story ends. I did my best to protect her, I wiped all witnesses to hide her mess, I lied, I cheated the Republic, I changed the more sensitive companions so I didn't let them annoyed. Then I found the woman and saved her.

She goes away, good bye kiss, and later I get a message from her, no "cya soon" but a final farewell. To make things worse, now I am under the command of a Jedi, too much for me!!!!!

As far as I know there was a General Dodonna in episode IV. So bring her back! She can't just disappear! After leveling 4 chars to 50, I think the senator is the best non-companion NPC in game!!!!

After her departure, the final is just boring. The story is really over.