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You know, it's such a relief to know that there's no point in converting all my weaponmaster pieces into vindicator ones. What you say makes absolute sense, I just need to convert the head gloves pants and boots to Vindicator BM then WH, and trade in the rest of my BM Weaponmaster for WH Weaponmaster, then be on my way on the slow journey to min-maxing.

Once again, thanks for the great advice.
I think you've got it. You don't need to convert your BM Weaponmaster to BM Vindicator though. The stats on Vindicator and Weaponmaster are the same. You can keep using the BM Weaponmaster until you get to WH.

So here's what you do:
1) Keep pvp'ing in BM Weaponmaster
2) Use your comms to buy BM Vindicator.
2) You can pull the armor/mods/enhancements from the BM Vindicator and send them to an alt in legacy gear or put them in orange gear for a DD or Tank companion.
3) Keep the BM Vindicator shells in your storage as that's all you need to trade in. You can trade in the empty shells.
4) Trade in your BM Vindicator shells for the WH Vindicator hat, gloves, pants, boots.
5) Pull the WH Vindicator armor/mods/enhancements and put them in orange gear for the set bonus.
6) Then you can pull the BM Weaponmaster armor/mods/enhancements and send those to an alt or a companion.

Think you had it, but just to make sure!
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