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I mostly go Light Side, but there are times where the LS path is something I simply cannot agree with.

Haven't played much of the Empire yet, but my Pureblood is well on the path to being honorable in battle and conserving whelps that may be assets, but in everything else, Sith Code is alive and well. Still neutral, but leaning more to Dark.
One rather funny thing about him is, I treat slaves who do as their masters asked nicely. Since Vette is always complaining or cracking out of place jokes, I verily enjoy teaching her how to be a good slave. And that's what the shock collar is for
I agree with this^

My BH only follows his code of honor and money, sometimes it involves killing people to get my paycheck which is not a problem, but occasionally there is a line where i will let them go... usually not. Now my SW is another story, he is the true definition of a Sith within the Empire, who kills all who defy him, makes choices (even LS ones) that benefit the Empire, and seeks his own ambition; My guy is not Blood Thirsty he just has bigger ambitions than to go looking for people to cut up.

Overall I have come across some decisions i felt were mixed up in their alignment or further implications of your decision should be considered. Nar shadda is a prime example, I used the guys for my own ambition technically both of those were DS neither of them Light.

Morality in TOR logic is =Kill people bad, let people live good. Thats basically all it is and that's what grinds my gears about this**