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11.12.2012 , 10:37 PM | #3
This issue should be in the Known In-Game Issues thread if you aknowledge it. I reported it nearly 2 months ago and it still isn't. I even reported it again not long ago because the "automated" response does not give a feeling of it being taken seriously.

When you wait an hour or longer for a group you are happy to get in one, many do not check the role they are given when they find a group. So you wait for so long get a group, you can't complete the content because you don't have all the roles there, people rage and leave the group, then everyone else does the same so you're alone and you can't reinnitiate the group finder to repair the group and have to start all over, waiting another hour+ in the group finder.

The workaround can be ignored. There is no "update roles" button, roles are updated as you toggle the roles, but that doesn't fix anything. At times the roles reset every few minutes, so you have to watch the group finder for however long you are queued to make sure it won't change your roles, so you'd just get bored out of your mind.

Also, when you are in a partial group when you queue I think only the party leader can change his own roles, I thought for a while that in a group it might not reset, but a day or so after I saw that might be the case it did reset the roles.

Please take this more seriously, I'm losing faith in reporting bugs. I may still be reporting them (for now), but others are leaving because they can't take the same bugs being around this long. No amount of "free to play" is going to fix that.