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11.12.2012 , 10:35 PM | #43
Eh I quit a FP the other day when a undergeared lowbie marauder kept agroing mobs I was going around, not ninjaing past, mobs that were way out of the way, I asked them not to as I wasnt going to kill everything in the FP and he said something along the lines of "im not fking going back for them" I dont know what that was about (I was assassin tank btw)

The next FP (d7) had 2 people who were in sub par gear who had never done it before, took it slow, talked them through, cleared all mobs in path in case of wiping and needing to come back. It wasnt fast but was smooth, the merc healer did a sterling job (one of the lowbies) and did better than many BH geared healers I come across in the groupfinder.

Im more than happy to help new people through, and sit while they watch the cut scenes and help gear them up, but being rude and acting outside of your remit and making the group work harder for an asinine reason is a no no for me.