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1. How should I go about playing the game to get the best experience possible?

2. How do you get all that awesome unique gear I see people with. While I'm playing I only ever manage to get a hold of generic boring armor and weapons, yet I see all the people while watching videos or playing the game with awesome stuff?

3. The HUD, so I hate the default HUD arrangements, so I like to customize mine. How do you arrange your HUD. And I like to arrange my powers within the three power bars based on the type of power they are. So my question is, how would you classify the in-game powers, and how would you organize them in the bars for the best tactical advantage possible? I have the three power-bar-slot thing's positioned on top of each other in a row, currently I have offensive powers on top (for my Jedi Knight), but I'm lost as to which order I should place them all in tactically, or what would be considered offensive powers? And where to put and how to classify the rest of the powers?

4. Role-playing. I'm very intrigued by this idea and would like to do it. How would I go about doing this, and do you have any advice?
1. play the way that you enjoy. some people prefer pvp. some people prefer questing. some people prefer space missions. find your niche and jump right in.

2. well, people run flashpoints to get gear sometimes. some of the gear you see people wearing might come from those, or as random drops, or as quest rewards.

3. if you hit esc and then pick "interface editor" you'll be able to move things around on your screen. as far as skill placement, there's a tiny lock icon on the main skill bar. click it to lock and unlock skills. that will allow you to place them in different hot key slots and arrange them as you see fit. what order should you put them in? however you feel works for you. i set my skills up differently per character, so i don't really follow a set rule.

4. i'm not really a big role player, so someone else would have to answer that for you.
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