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Here's what I gathered from playing all the stories.

The efforts made by Govenor Saresh and other members of the Republic were not only undone, but Taris is pretty much reduced to a toxic, rakghoul-ridden wasteland. Taris is lost, the Empire wins.

Pretty much a mirror from Taris, the Empire's grip/control of this planet that was established in Chapter 1 was shattered by the Republic in Chapter 2. Balmorra has been freed and is now back with the Republic. The Republic wins.

Although this planet will probably not contribute a lot to the overall conflict because they are in a state of civil war, it seems to me that the Republic is the one who eventually removes the Usurper King Bouris Ulgo. The idea of a War Hero gone rogue seems to be more "interesting" than the Empire just swooping in and killing Ulgo. I would say the Republic "wins" here.

Both the Republic and the Empire are both fighting the pirates etc in search of stuff in the wreckages, every class pretty much finds what they are looking for. Dispite that, I would say the Empire wins here. Their goal is not to defeat the Republic but to maintain a skeleton crew in order to waste as much of the Republic's resources as possible. The Empire wins because they succeed in doing this.

The Republic's fight with Czerka and the Empire's struggle against the turning of their men to cyber-slaves culimating with the confrontation with the Rakata guy both seemed to be a viable way of advancing the story. This one is really hard to tell, I don't know which one is the "canon" one.

This one is pretty clear. The Empire attacks Corellia, they invade, kill most of the Green Jedi and establish control of the planet. The Republic then responds by sending their fleet, soldiers and Jedi. The Empire slowly gets pushed back, three members of the Dark Council get killed and with the death of Darth Decimus, Corellia is liberated. The Republic wins.

False Emperor
The plottwist of Malgus betraying the Empire has more of an impact if you play an Imperial character than it does on a Republic character. For this reason alone, I would say that it is the Empire that assaults Malgus's forces and defeats the False Emperor. This whole story arc just means more for the Empire than it does for the Republic.
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