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11.12.2012 , 07:44 PM | #283
They aren't going to do anything helpful. What I'd like to see is Ironsights add +3% to Accuracy AND +3% to Aim per skill point used. That's a small change, easily programmed and implemented. Nor can one argue that it is overpowered. Gunslingers already have a talent that adds +30% to accuracy. Right now Mercs are screwed because the offhand weapon accuracy is so low that virtually every GCD you are handing an enemy melee a free riposte/retaliation. You are literally doing more damage to yourself than you are to them when you try to fight them. That is broken beyond belief.

Of course they won't fix that. Instead they will give us some minor root/sprint that prevents us from attacking back for 15 seconds. Doh. BW doesn't get it. Their objective is still to reduce Merc dps output, which they consider far too high relative to other subclasses.