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I don't agree with the bolded. Juggs are pretty strong in huttball. Assassins might be the single strongest class in huttball. But marauders are good only when predation is up and Vanguards are the single worst class in that warzone. They've got a pull every 45 seconds and a whole lot of nothing else to contribute.

All ranged classes have a serious advantage over melee in huttball--except assassins. Juggs are about on par with some of the ranged.
Ah but how many other classes have a pull? 1 and pulls are better than knockback/push because with a pull I know where my target is going to end up (firetrap) push just knocks the target around idk where they end up maybe in the low area or just a few extra feet from the goal. And those darn tank Vans have this thing called Storm where i can jump to you. I cant tell you how many goals I have gotten from storm not to mention intercepts

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