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Currently any class/spec is welcome we have the time limit in place to prevent against any never ending duels and too remain fair without speculation or rigged referee's we decided the /roll would be the fairest way to decide the winner of those long duels.

Also with the MH/OH only suggestion, we discussed it and believed that some classes would melt to others without there gear and decided to stick with the "wear what you want" policy. Although the MH/OH suggestion is interesting and we will trial it soon.

With gearing there is ample time for those to gear up and mess around with BIS.

If you would like to get involved in the discussion's with the organizer's contact myself or a member of SnX and we can get you on vent to discuss anything you feel necessary.

Please continue with suggestions or request clarification this is all a work in progress until we get closer to the date that the rules are set in stone.
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