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I saw this on the GameFAQs Board, and thought I'd bring it over here. So, in your honest opinion, which BASE race do you think fits the class the best?

Jedi Knight - Human ("Basic" Class, "Basic" Race)
Jedi Consular - Miralukan (Force seeing race)
Trooper - Zabrak (Tough, stubborn, resilient race, perfect trooper material)
Smuggler - Human (Han Solo, eat your heart out.)

Sith Warrior - Sith Pureblood (Any explanation needed here?)
Sith Inquisitor - Human (A human planet taken over is quite logical. A lot of in-game slaves are human.)
Bounty Hunter - Cyborg (Something about a cybernetically enhanced human just makes sense.)
Imperial Agent - Chiss (They just seem to fit the class and story the best.)

Your turn now. Feel free to disagree with me. This is a PERSONAL choice, after all.
I think that Twi'lek would be best for Inquisitor because aren't Twi'leks like the lowest race in the Empire? It would make sense because most of them are enslaved in the Empire.
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