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If it can be done by a healer Sage, it can be done by a dps Sage of any spec. Hell, these days, I'm even running Red Reaper as dps sage with Nadia, we plow through everything with nothing but Force Armor (except the bridge boss, which Nadia has to solo while I click crystals )
Ok, that i can't believe, Nadia loses too much health too quick to solo flashpoints with her, unless you are doing them while you are overleveled for them, because at the higher level, force armor lasts maybe 1 or 2 hits.....depending on if its a crit or not, which sometimes, makes me feel like not even bothering putting the armor on. lol

Maybe it was gear? who knows, i don't put my companion in top notch stuff, except for weapons, otherwise its just what i get via questing and loot drops, no one crafts anything other then orange gear, which is next to impossible to keep updated, unless you find a crafter that isn't a greedy sod that asks for 4x the cost of the items as a tip, which effectively makes it not a tip. lol