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Do NOT waste your breath on these qq threads. Bioware knows that we are exactly where we need to be in pvp/pve. While there are other classes that need to be brought up a bit, we are no where near as far ahead as these people would have you believe. Every tool we have is vital for us to be able to do our job which is to deal damage. Let the QQ pile to the sky. This is the last nerf mara/sent thread I will ever click on.
heh. no you're not. you have a decided advantage over most classes in PvP (the exception is for assassins/shadows). that said, it's not THAT big of an advantage. it's just...glaring. anyway, I only replied to point out the (potentially obvious) fact that the need to balance PvE and PvP within each class, AC and spec is far more important than balancing PvP across all classes. I'm convinced that that is the only reason sents/maras have force camouflage. because stealthing in to kill a sniper is a lousy excuse for an abil when the only other relatively similar 'melee' (using the term loosely) dps has no gap closer at all for snipers in cover.'s not a huge deal. but please, call a spade's a spade. you have appreciably more dcds than any other comparable class, burst dps that is ideal (i.e., what it should be), and you have the best utilities in game (predation or just passively heal your whole grp depending on spec). AND all three of your spec trees are viable in WZs.
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