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I can only comment on the harbringer

It has constantly large population around the clock. Even when it says the server is light during US off peak which is apac peak it easily has three times the population online, if not more.

From what I hear the bastion has less of a population but still far greater than APAC
I agree with this statement as after waiting for nearly 2hrs for HM FP to pop on Dalborra i switched to The Harbinger (where i 1st started) at about 9pm AEST there were 150 on Tython (1) and (2) was full, by 11.30pm was down to 100 with 1 instance.
Was averaging 180 - 250 latency with minimal lag on abilities (compared to initial release of game)

Loaded onto fleet at bout 8.30am AEST this morning as were 200-250 on fleet (1), (2) wasn't full and had less lag running around station (not usual stop/start jerkiness) then on Dalborra atm prob due to new High pop server tech compared to older tech we have on APAC servers atm

Am using a 4-5yr old PC with all settings on lowest and other than much higher ping (300+ on fleet) game is running ok for me
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