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Here is a prime example of exactly what I am talking about. A marauder trying to downplay his abilities. No knockback he says and yet I get force pushed twice within 5 seconds. One stun he says and yet he admits to an AOE mez...just lol.
Since you are clearly new to MMOs let me explain the difference between a Stun and a Mezz

** A stun is a complete lockdown of a player. That is it incapacitates a player and does not break upon taking damage.
Sometimes referred to as a Hard stun.
** A mezz is a incapacitation of a player but upon damage the effect is broken.

Again the ONE stun that marauders have is force choke - that while it does a small amount of damage - its a channeled ability. Its no where near a powerful as a non-channeled stun like Inquisitors and other classes have.

we Have ONE AoE mezz that is used to stop or delay groups of players..again it breaks on damage.

Marauders do not, DO NOT, have a knockback or a knockdown. However Juggs/guardians do have a force push - but unfortunately for your argument that is a completely different Advanced Class. **Marauders and Juggernauts are different Advanced classes.

I would suggest you learn the difference in classes - it helps out a lot in pvp when you know what tools ppl have when you are fighting them.

You have proven by your statement that you see every marauder as a 31/31/31 spec - as do a lot of ppl that complain about marauders.