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Yes, because MMOs are meant to be played Solo...

Socialize, meet people with the random group finder, join a guild. You will likely meet 20 ******s for every 1 decent person but thats the same for real life.
Well, from experience, grouping up with other players tends to ruin my experiences, because the other players either: 1: want to rush through it as fast as possible......rushing is boring or 2: demands that all players space bar through the most fun part of this game.

I know that level 50 content, like hardmodes, operations (after first viewing and a few cool scenes) i will skip the conversations if any, but the 1-49 stuff, i never skip, i refuse to skip them and i just don't understand why players would do flashpoints over and over and over and over again during the pre-50 phase of their characters, it just seems pointless and a waste of time.

I am currently leveling a Jedi Sentinel (believe it or not, they do better survival wise then guardians or they just do so much more damage that it feels like its more survivability) and a sith marauder, i am doing these 2 because it takes away the chance of doing the same content twice in such quick succession.

Because i know, leveling 2 republic classes at the same time will get tedious and boring because i don't skip conversations (unless its alien language, god that lasts FAR too long) and i do not skip non-heroic quests, there is no way in hell i will be repeating flashpoints pre-50, i just each flashpoint once per character for the RP experience, though players demanding i skip the best parts because they are dumb enough to repeat the same stuff all day long.

This is why i suggested a long time ago that they make all pre-50 oriented flashpoints have solo versions of them that give commendations like the group one does, but the other rewards are toned down or removed (moddable gear wouldn't drop in the solo versions) this would solve alot of the issues and prevent the annoying 'SPACE BAR NOW!!!!!' demands.