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The thing is, Bioware did not create this as the focal point of their game. They attracted players who took this game for something that was gonna feel more like..."Star Wars" ...and not some mockery of fun filled circus full of clowns and Cheetos.

The game is changing from a serious MMO to something more aimed at the left side. In doing so, we on the right feel like we have been mislead and if it keeps up, Bioware will lose those players. So they pull in a few, and they lose a few.

I don't know about you, but when I bought this game, none of this kind of thing was advertised. They took this game very seriously, now, not so much so. I would agree with you if Bioware had told everyone where this game was going to be in a year (goofy little toys and a mockery) and I decided to sub anyway. This game has changed on a silly level...and that is not what I signed up for.
You're forgetting that most of the world sides with the left lol

Seriously though, obviously they did not see as many people as they would have liked to, so they looked at other games to see what they had that this one lacked. Obviously, rather than trying to fix the numerous bugs that those other games didn't have, they figured what makes other games cool is that they are kind of whacky, if you want them to be.
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