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11.12.2012 , 05:42 PM | #42
I know to not take things seriously in a game, its meant to be fun, not a job, i personally like to learn as i go when it comes to group content, its more fun that way for me, if i am told what to do, what will happen before i experience it first hand, its like playing a murder mystery game or movie and just as i start, someone tells me who the killer is and why they did just ruins it for me.

I always learn quick in group encounters, like on stay on the bridge like area on Esseles when fighting the boss can get knocked off the edge....which was funny as hell when it happend to me, but lesson learned, i never repeated it, unless it was one of those fun runs where you find all sorts of ways to get killed.

I have encountered those types of groups on other mmos and it can get quite annoying, but then again, i am not the type that expects 100% perfection on every run, i learnt that, it is impossible to get those types of runs unless you do runs with the EXACT same people every single time and you all know your stuff, but if you know the outcome (you never will lose) i tend to lose interest and only do the stuff again if a friend needs to do it.