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Someone already mentioned this can be done with any class, here you go.

Overpowered Corruption/Lightning Sorcs:

1) Force Speed that ignores/breaks roots and snares every 20 seconds.
2) 15m range KB with 5 second root, breaks on damage after 2 seconds.
3) Free self heal (with talent, mine crits around 6-6.5k)
4) 3-4k damage reduction through bubble that can be applied to anyone in group every 17 seconds with 2 piece force mystic set bonus. This bubble is talented to stun anyone nearby for 3 seconds when damage pops it or it is manually clicked off.
5) 4 second hard stun with 10 m range
6) 8 Second mezz with 30 m range every 45 seconds.
7) Interrupt locks out ability for an additional 2 seconds.
8) Friendly pull every 45 seconds.
9) Essentially no worry about resource management due to talents in lightning tree.
10) Can cleanse any force abilities, killing madness and anni specs.
11) Snare reducing speed by 50% for 6 seconds every 12 seconds on 30 m range.
12) All heals and damaging abilities can be performed from 30 m range.

LOL can u do it with vanguard? xD