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and an operative, scoundrel, sniper, mercenary, vanguard, sorc, assassin. Mara is op, but when you post incorrect information then it deserves to be called out for. No point in calling for a nerf thread if what you say is wrong. Saying obliterate is a 15m ranged interrupt among MANY other things, might as well say sorc bubble absorbs 30k damage.
Lol that's a pretty wild comparison 30k sorc bubbles? You sound like you are desperately trying to distract.

#1) Learn to read. I am not calling for Nerfs.
#2) I am not perfect and don't have 100% knowledge of all classes from the top of my head. You can call out mistakes, yes, but discrediting everything I say because of one mistake is just being ignorant. No one knows everything.
#3) There aren't "MANY" other things because if there were then you would have listed them. (That logical fallacy is called gross generalization btw.)

Look I can do the same thing:

"Marauders have this ability that makes them god for 4 seconds."

"They also have MANY MORE abilities like that!"

"Marauders are OP because they can be god-mode forever!"

Makes sense right? Well...according to your logic.