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If that link is true, then Marvel is either bucking Lucas, since they haven't had a contract since the late 80s, or Disney went over Lucas's head and let them publish it. Disney also owns Marvel, after all. As I've stated before, the N-Canon rules may have changed since I saw the comic being recalled, but I seriously doubted it. With that link, it seems that they've relaxed it a bit, since Disney is now in charge. Or they were given the OK to publish the Marvel stories that aren't considered N-Canon.

The one I saw was later made into an Infinities story arc having to do with Princess Leia becoming Darth Vader's apprentice. It was recalled because it originally came out before the Infinities series was launched.

Now, you might want to drop your condescending tone there, bubba. You want to start an argument for the sake of argument, then I have no qualms about putting you on my ignore list and leaving you there. You're not an expert, since you don't know anything about S-Canon. Just like another guy on here who says he's an "expert", yet doesn't even know how the Canon system works or Leland Chee's role in it.
no not at all Lucas knows that Marvel sells the tradebacks. Hell Marvel even occaisonally reprints them and sells them on the stands as "Classic Star Wars" .

They have always done this the Marvel Tradebacks have been in publication for years as well as the comics.

That story was never anything BUT an infinites story. There was never a comic that had that happen that wasn't an infinates. If I am wrong show me what issue that happened in that got pulled from the shelves. What year did this happen in?

I am not an expert nor would I ever claim to be one. However a quick google search can show you are full of it.

I'll check my tone when you actually put correct information up. I'll accept your appology now for being complletely wrong and making false information up.