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11.12.2012 , 04:46 PM | #16
I agree with all the people saying that the reduction in force stun's range is complete bs and weakens the sage. Take for example the fight against Lord Vivicar at the end of Chapter One. It is absolutely essentiel to interupt his big dot, otherwise it will practically one-hit you and your companions. For sages that requires running up to melee range of the boss. It's a lot easier not to mention safer to be able to interrupt enemies and bosses from a distance, as sages aren't built to fight in melee. It's a load of crap to force a ranged class to close to short-range just to interrupt those big damage attacks that enemies and bosses will throw at you. If I wanted to play a close-range or melee class I wouldn't have picked to play a sage. Ty Bioware for screwing up an awesome class. And goodbye too, you just lost another customer.