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11.12.2012 , 04:27 PM | #101
Judging by this thread...I hope Bioware takes notice that a lot of people are unimpressed by the Cartel Market and how it was implemented. A lot of negativity here, but at the same time, a lot of people who have given their thoughts on how to make the game better.

I think the only reason why people are being negative, is because they really love this game, but see the same pattern in this game that killed other games. We want this game to survive. We want to see this game become the best MMO to ever hit the market, and we want to see is succeed for years and years to come...but at this rate and at this corporate mentality, we simply do not see it happening.

Bioware is still sitting on a gold mine here...they only need to realize that they need to make some serious changes to pull in the cash needed to keep it going. I still have my fingers crossed for this game, it has so much potential it's insane. I think this new Super Secret Space project is a good start. But they took one step backward by creating these "Lock Box Packs" and reskins of the same ol Armor pieces in the Cartel Market.

Man, I really hope Bioware and EA get their act together. As hard as I seem to be on the companies, I have not lost faith in them...and I will be the first to pat them on the backs when they do finally see the light and bring this game to where it should be.

Don't give up, Bioware...I have faith in ya...just please stop making these bad choices and if possible, communicate with us and tell us where you are taking us with this game. Get our feedback on your ideas, make your ideas public...advertise...bring players to this game in such a mass that you are forced to reopen old servers that had previously been closed. Open up new worlds that are Sandbox...give us some Sandbox variety along side the Themepark. Nothing wrong with having the best of both worlds. Create some astounding new Armors...there are a ton of good looking Armors out there, a lot has already been shown to you by the player base in multiple threads. Bring us content, new mind blowing abilities...MAKE US WANT TO GIVE YOU OUR MONEY!

You guys have the capability, that's what makes this so are more than capable beyond any other company in the market. I just feel you are trying too hard to make a quick's gonna blow up in your face...and I do not want that to happen to you. I want to see you guys be successful while the players get a gaming experience that leaves them in awl.

Good Luck, Bioware. I'm still rooting for ya.
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