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it gets better....but you should be getting better than 2.5 on aim shot / ambush with recruit gear on vs. most of your enemies.
Try hunting those sages/inquistors and sent/maras.
Also try a different spec is a great pvp class. You get some nice burst, slows, and an extra stun....also switches up much of your kinetic damage for elemental which is useful vs players. Granted it is not a spec to duel folks with, but know your role slow, stun and aoe the masses around the objective points and you can be very effective.
Or go hybrid sab/df (engineer/lethality) you can get some amazing burst with that.
So, Engineering has basically been the one i really don't like much, I mean, yes, it has really good uses, but it doesn't "Feel" right to me. But i can adjust i suppose.

So basically, i should be an engy atleast until i get some decent gear?