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I disagree with tanks being disqualified but not healers, that is just pointless unless they are some sort of healing/dps hybrid. Otherwise you could have duels that could go on for ages because neither can outdps each others heals.
i got half way though agreeing with this then i realised how long a tank vs tank fight might actualy take moreso if they are guardian/juggs, so no pure tanks shouldn't be allowed it should be hybrid or dps in tank stance or if tanks are allowed try to make sure that they never fight it out because lets be honest we don't want 5 min duels of tanks biting and hair pulling each other because they don't have the dps.

as for the healers i do agree but the same point can be made if you only match them against dps a healer can still win (that would be lolz to see) but having healer vs healer is the same as the never ending song if you get what i mean.
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