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There should be homes that we can pile our swag in. When we are allowed to put down roots then we will be sold on The Universe but when everything we can collect or own has to be held in a "cargo hold" or in inventory then our roots in the game are very shallow. .
Perhaps I'm wrong about this or have missed the memo about housing coming soon but, right now, the game seems to be only about the toon and how you can decorate it... The possibilities and the joy are kind of shallow. Not everyone is so impressed by their own toon.
forget about a 'legacy fleet' where all your characters take residence, and you could purchase items for your fleet with cc's such as a legacy storage locker, a gtn terminal, a respec vendor, etc.

For that matter, I also think it would be nice to be able to purchase other ships for your character. Not just getting a sith fury for your bounty hunter (mind you, that would be cool), but other ships that aren't associated with any classes.

Oh, and while we're at it, could we get some space PVP? That would be so COOL!!!! XD
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