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Instead of just ranting at the terrible logic being used on the forums, I decided to write out my thoughts in an organized manner:

#4) Marauder dps is about on par with other DPS. (Rage spec aside, which any intelligent person knows is significantly OP)

Answer: Marauders possess the unique ability to dish out high damage, while at the same time shutting the other person down. Unlike other DPS classes who have to basically use their one interrupt and maybe 2 stuns as skillfully as they can while they DPS race you down to 0 health, Marauders just shut people down simmilar to an operative coming out of stealth to attack. The ammount of Mez/Stun, and interrupts/Knockdowns combined with their 4 defensive discs makes them incredible PVP contenders. They may not have the absolute highest burst in the game, but it doesn't matter that your burst ability is 9 out of 10 when you can destroy 50% of the other guy's effectiveness.

The Shadowlands
Marauders don't have any knockbacks or knockdowns. They have one one stun, and its channeled, And one AoE mezz. Force charge does interrupt but only one spec allows it to work at 0 meter. And then we have a standard melee interrupt.

Marauders have no where near the ablility to shutdown lock down a player like an operative. One spec - annihilation - is better at interrupting healers casting.

What you said was largely deceptive.