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Chapter 7:
The Smuggler's Moon

Jorgan and Prudii left the cantina from meeting with Jonas Balkar, an SIS agent who was going to help them find M1-4X, the prototype war droid that seemed to be Garza’s pet project.

Sitting at the back of the cantina, Dorne saw them exit and took her cue. She stood and walked over to meet them.

“So?” she asked.

“Bank robber,” Jorgan said wryly.

Though Dorne was not one hundred percent certain why he found this funny, she figured it had something to do with the seeming commonplace crime on Nar Shaddaa being busted by a group like Havoc Squad.

Dorne shrugged and smiled. “Well, then let’s play CorSec.”

Surprised, Prudii and Jorgan paused before erupting in laughter. Dorne joined them, glad to finally show them her less strict side.

* * *

Dorne scowled as she blasted the last of the ex-Republic forces. Prudii’s holocom was already beeping, probably Balkar checking in on them. She wasn’t particularly interested in hearing this, so she walked outside the bank and knelt, seeing a rend in the ground Forex had made in his and Captain Andrik’s escape.

It was heading toward the speeder pad.

“Blast,” she said.

“What?” Jorgan asked.

Surprised, Dorne looked up as he exited the bank. She shook her head and motioned to the mechanical footprint.

“They’re leaving this sector,” she said.

“We’ll find them,” he assured her.

“Andrik is good,” Prudii said as he walked out. “But Balkar’s working on it. Come on.”

* * *

Dorne walked backwards out of the lounge, her pistol still trained on the Imperials inside. They had a location for Andrik, but even so the gray uniform she’d once loved now made her nervous.

“You all right?” Prudii asked.

“Just gives me bad memories,” she replied. “But I’ll stay focused on the mission.”

She holstered her pistol. Jorgan glanced back at the lounge, but the doors slammed shut. Dorne wondered what Jorgan was thinking.

“Here we come, Andrik,” said Prudii.