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There is a major difference between a hard and an annoying mission this one has almost no story elements, a lot of repetitive action and as far mentally challenging go play with the light switch in your basement for more of a challenge. Make a real puzzle not these half *** transfer of a brain teaser. Make people actually have to think not play a light out game make the actually have to stop for 2 seconds and go "well what about if I try this".

Also to those that said they enjoyed getting pen and paper to figure this out excuse the heck out of me for wanting a video game where I don't have to do home work to have some fun. If you really get off so much from writing stuff down why don't you go do a crossword and stop wasting bandwidth on a internet video game.

Yes I know if I don't want to do it skip it but at the same time I have a right to say that I think it is poorly designed and a waste of the data it uses up to exist. Play a brain teaser just for a crappy cut scene that does very little to progress the small side story of downing the ship. Wow the cut scene shows the turret firing at the ship but as I recall you don't actually see a hit and you don't actually see a crash. That's very entertaining the the 4th, 5th or 12th time through. For a game that praises it's story and dialogue so much it's one of the most lack luster cut scene in the entire game, heck the going to a planet cut scenes are more impressive and those are mostly just an image of the planet.

Now as developer you want me to waste time with the puzzle just for that, gear and loot aside it seams like you have to put in a lot of personal effort for a very minimal payoff. Call that lazy if you want I call it economy of energy and I see no reason data or time should have ever been wasted on such a pathetic attempt a a puzzle game. There are 1000's upon 1000's of way you could have made it an engaging and story driven puzzle with more to it then button pressing.

Here's an idea how about a string of simple puzzles how about one where you have to get the "pipes" lined up how about a jigsaw, how about a number puzzle. Some people's brains work in different ways some would naturally find a lights out puzzle easy while naturally others would find it extremely difficult that is the nature of a brain teaser it's is entirely dependent on the brain trying to work the problem. So it's unfair to others if for you it's easy giving a comment like "our generation wants the easy way out" when it's just not that simple, just cause it was easy for you by no means guarantees it will be the same level of challenge for someone else.

This was not designed well and there for should be removed while it is taken back to the drawing board. The puzzle is only one and is easier for some then others, the cut scene is weak and lacking in story for the effort an time involved, it's labeled as and area 4 meaning it could take a 4 person group to complete but the puzzle can be done by one person and minus the roaming patrols and those around the gun you never really are required to face an opponent that requires a 4 person group. It fails a meeting the grouping criteria that ever other mission labeled 4 seams to meet.