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Species/Race: Amaran
Name: Vel
Last Name: Selik
Nickname: Vel
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 53 ABY
Place of Birth: Coruscant
Age: 6
Height: 4'11" Last 5 inches is ears
Weight: 45 Lbs
Hair Color/Style: Think fox pattern fur
Facial Appearance: Vulpine
Eye Color: Amber
Body Appearance: Didgitgrade legs, Tail, Thin overall
Home Planet: Amaran
Current Residence: Korriban
Allegiance: Character isn't certain yet.
Profession: Student
Armor/Clothes: Light robes, prefers darker colors
Primary Weapon(s): Training Saber
Secondary Weapon(s): The Force
Miscellaneous Item(s): Holocommunicator

Biography: Vel is one of the twin daughters of Garandi Selik and his wife Anoxia Selik. Her twin sister is Garanai. Born far off in an alternate timeline of Star Wars (Table top RPG with my friends) she ran into the force spirit of Naga Sadow when her group found a holocron. Naga Sadow tried to kill them but the holocron being made for protection converted the energy but this resulted in them being thrown back in time to The Old Republic. After her and the rest of the group were captured by a more powerful sith they were taken to Koriban and forced into being acolytes to Lord Zash (yes the one from the game) This is where she is today.

Her force powers are rather high for her age but her sister is even better. Her most noted attribute is her dexterity. She is fast and quick acting often attacking before the person finishes talking if it looks like they are about to be hostile. Although she is not particularly aggressive she will do what she has too but prefers disarm maneuvers at least to start off with. Very young at this time and of a species that hasn't become sentient yet her and her sister are unique in this era. (From the RPG her species wont become sentient for another thousand years) Because she has a bit more attitude than her sister she is more susceptible to falling to the dark side while her sister took after their father in being an idealist about the light side and thus is unlikely to ever fall to the dark side. She has with her a training saber that comes from her time but is only capable of doing stun damage though it does look like a light saber. This has led to contention with some other acolytes and likely will again as she will need to defend herself from people that want to take it from her.
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