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So..... are you calling Republic players insects?

Seriously though... people play this game for personal reasons, and for many that does not include dropping whatever they are doing to come help you with your personal desires to gank Imps.

So, I feel it is unfair for you to get frustrated becasue people don't want to drop whatever they are doing and have planned for the days play for them... to come help you out.

IMO.... you need to stop criticizing fellow server-faction members and either join an active and like minded PvP guild or spend some time to make PvP friends and network in game for like minded people. Emphasis: like minded people who have the same desires as you and a willingness to pursue them adhoc.

And the OP admitted in his post that he KNEW it would be the way he's on about when he signed up..............but he's still on about it! People don't play the game the way I think it should be played! How embarassing!
"When you're bleeding out in a ditch on some muckball planet it's not headquarters that comes to save you, it's the guy next to you."