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It was on PoT5 if I know what fight this thread is about. I was there for the majority of the fighting split between my healer and a dps. Republic turnout was pretty bad. Had some reps ask our group to leave so the imps would get bored. What's the point of rolling on a PvP server then?

Republic had from 6-8 players(some fresh 50s) at a time vs the imps 12 who had majority of WH gear.
well, then I don't know. every time I am on tatooine there's 'help' around shortly after when the imps keep messing around.

but my original tips still apply: write members of the guild who are up for 'getting busy' (not saying they will always help, sometimes there are things scheduled after all) or write to random people on the fleet if they can give shout outs for help.

of course, one part of the 'problem' is the 50s in WH gear ganking lowbies for hours. I will never understand that part of PVP simply because i am more of a 'I like a challenge' person