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Heroes & villians in the Star Wars universe didn't have homes. They had ships, or rented an apartment for a period of time.
In the original trilogy, the heroes were rebels, and they had to remain highly mobile to avoid detection. However, they still had quarters in these temporary bases, though the case could be made that Han and Chewie probably did stay on the Falcon.

We never see where Vader or Palpatine live, but we can assume that Vader, when on Coruscant, had his own place with a meditation chamber like the one seen on the Executor in ESB.

Anakin shared an apartment with Padme in Episode III, which he used when he wasn't on assignment. The other Jedi likely had them, too. The Temple was a large building, but I doubt they hot-bunked Jedi in it.

We don't see much housing in Star Wars because screen time is limited. When you go to an RPG, though, and you're "living the life," a home (preferably an apartment in the capital) is a great way to get people more invested in the characters and the game and to provide a credit sink as people pay upkeep costs.
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