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There should be homes that we can pile our swag in. When we are allowed to put down roots then we will be sold on The Universe but when everything we can collect or own has to be held in a "cargo hold" or in inventory then our roots in the game are very shallow. .
Perhaps I'm wrong about this or have missed the memo about housing coming soon but, right now, the game seems to be only about the toon and how you can decorate it... The possibilities and the joy are kind of shallow. Not everyone is so impressed by their own toon.
They did this in SWG. Your guilds could purchase land and create their own communities to include things like vending machines for food and drinks; armor and weapons; even starship parts. We had such a tight group on old SWG that we actually met in real life and had dinners and beers. Many of us still keep in touch through emails in the years since.
One of the primary reasons SWG went to hell was that corporate execs thought they knew more about what their players wanted than the players. So they killed the game by creating character templates which drastically narrowed the sandbox playstyle that was the most attractive thing about the game.
The sad fact is that if Bioware had taken its ideas and incorporated more extras like the ones in SWG, it would have created more of the sense of community that is sorely lacking. This comes mostly from the issue that these companies mostly target the 11-22 year old groups of customers, which I believe is a mistake, honestly the most loyal customers are the working folks who actually use their money, not their parents, to purchase subscriptions and play the game.
TOR will slowly wither under these "exciting" new changes they are making to the game until it gets its servers shut down.