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Instead of just ranting at the terrible logic being used on the forums, I decided to write out my thoughts in an organized manner:

#1) Tanks have better defensive cool-downs. Do you see any Marauders tanking bosses?

Answer: PVE enviroments consist of constant large attacks by boss mobs. In a raid, the tank takes so much damage that his defensive statistics make him a better choice than a marauder. Obviously a tank with better defensive stats is a better choice to survive the millions of incoming damage tanks are healed through in a raid night. A PVP environment is completely different; consisting of short bursty encounters. It is these short bursty encounters that make Undying Rage/GBTF the most powerful Cool-down in PVP.

#2) Undying Rage/GBTF really isn't that powerful because you can be stunned for the duration, and Force Shroud is better.

Answer: The power of defensive cool-downs and stuns are two completely different subjects. The truth is that you can be stunned during the duration of EVERY defensive cooldown besides Force Shroud. The only difference is that the Marauder will STILL BE ALIVE at the end while everyone else won't be; including the Sin who hit FS at low HP. Yes, everything is situational, but 90% of the time I would rather be alive for 4 more seconds in PVP. That's 4 more seconds for my healer to heal me, 4 more seconds to run the ball to the goal, 4 more seconds to kill my opponent before he kills me, 4 more seconds to stop a cap while team-mates catch up. And yes, Even the Sin who used FS is going to be dead, because everyone who is attentive enough to notice that the Sin is glowing yellow will use white damge attacks to finish him off. UR/GBTF is the only cool-down in the game that has essentially no counter. Sure you can stun the marauder...but there is 0 way to kill him no matter what attack you use. That's broken imo.

#3) Mele range attacks are a dissadvantage to the class.

Answer: Not in SWTOR. There are several reasons why:
a) Incredible mobility - Up to 2 leaps available which are effectively two ranged interrupts. Also, those interrupts are true interrupts. The person being lept to is stunned the instant the marauder hits his ability...before his feet even leave the ground to leap to you. Predation. 4 second vanish used as a gap closer.
b) The close quarters of objective based PVP maps nullifies ranged advantage. Even maps like Huttbal where range should have an advantage are useless. in fact its the MELE who have the advanatage because of their leaps.

#4) Marauder dps is about on par with other DPS. (Rage spec aside, which any intelligent person knows is significantly OP)

Answer: Marauders possess the unique ability to dish out high damage, while at the same time shutting the other person down. Unlike other DPS classes who have to basically use their one interrupt and maybe 2 stuns as skillfully as they can while they DPS race you down to 0 health, Marauders just shut people down simmilar to an operative coming out of stealth to attack. The ammount of Mez/Stun, and interrupts/Knockdowns combined with their 4 defensive discs makes them incredible PVP contenders. They may not have the absolute highest burst in the game, but it doesn't matter that your burst ability is 9 out of 10 when you can destroy 50% of the other guy's effectiveness.


My first Character was a Mercenary. I have since lvled an Assasin, a PT, and a Sentinel. My most played character is my Mercenary; who has BIS gear and 96 Valor. Next would by my Sin at 70 valor and mostly WH gear. I feel like I have a decent grasp of the PVP environment and I feel like there is a lot of bias thought towards balance about Marauders; who I consider to be the best PVP class in the game when played correctly. I realize that most people who PVP are terrible at playing their character, but I think the standard for balance should be based upon the potential of the class when played optimally, not the average faceroller. This is what I mean when I say Marauders are the best PVP class. The ability of a skilled Marauder to affect the outcome of a WZ is a lot higher than several other classes; even played to their fullest potential.

The Shadowlands
I don't agree with the bolded. Juggs are pretty strong in huttball. Assassins might be the single strongest class in huttball. But marauders are good only when predation is up and Vanguards are the single worst class in that warzone. They've got a pull every 45 seconds and a whole lot of nothing else to contribute.

All ranged classes have a serious advantage over melee in huttball--except assassins. Juggs are about on par with some of the ranged.