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Yes and they are needed. We are a melee non-stealth(the stealth we get IMO is is usless unless spec in carnage tree which allows it to break roots) that in order to be effective is pretty much always right in the middle of the fight. I'm always surrounded by most of the enemy team( I find that fun btw even though I know I'm gonna lose) and yes I always die at some point, sometimes without getting a kill, sometimes after killing most of them. None of the defensive cooldowns we have give us anything less than what is needed to be a viable class.
Vanguards are Melee non-stealth DPS and we only have Reactive Shield as defensive CD (25% dmg reduction).

You have Saber Ward (25% dmg reduction and +50% defense), the cloak of pain (25% dmg reduction and every hit increases duration top 30s...and returns damage!), 4 sec Stealth (with 50% dmg reduction), Undyyng (4 sec god mode).

Marauder has too many defensive CD's. Make Saber Ward a Guardian/Juggernaut exclusive skill would be a fine move.

You can say "Vanguard is the class with higher burst damage of the game".....Pointless when 75% of the encounter time vs a Mara he is using some defensive CD.