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I say dying because you take damage while traveling between platforms could be seen as a mechanic, since it should be easily avoidable, and is the only time i have experienced or seen the bug outside of jumping off a platform to get back to the starting platform.

On a side it seems like all of his attacks are small frontal cones, meaning if he is attacking someone on a back platform, and you're jumping between two platforms in front of the one that being attacked you can get hit and get insta-killed.

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Potshotting random people from Operator IX instead of using deletion is stupid too. GG BW....
Disinfection seems to be tied to someone running into a color circle that they shouldn't (ex. i am yellow, but i was standing on a circle as black obtuse start, and that circle ends up being blue; at the end of black obtuse someone gets hit with disinfection). Have killed him multiple times w/o seeing disinfection at all, then have seen it a few times where people have admitted to messing up the color circles. It would be great to hear some other people's thoughts on this mechanic though.