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Please do explain. I am all ears

I hope you are not just talking about your sniper; the one class that has effective counters to Mele. You can't rule out Marauder abilities just because there is one class that can counter them. There is only one ability in the game that doesn't have a counter: and that's Undying Rage. Note that it's the mechanic of COVER/ENTRENCH and the snipers own defensive abilities/Knockback that give him the advantage NOT the fact that his attacks are 30m.

The sniper I believe is another class with a very full tool-box, but IMO is not as powerful as a marauder.

I hit him from where he cannot hit me. He cannot get to me without exposing himself to 25 meters of pain without Camo, at which point I can reset the fight, potentially putting him into an even more disadvantageous position (I am positioned on a higher ground, and I knock him down a level, for example).

As for the Sage, my main advantage is still range. I can hit him where he cannot hit me. Managing his resolve and my countermeasures respectively became easier with the recent normalization of Resolve. In case with Sniper, the Marauder can get an opener only with Camo, but with Sage, he opens first most of the time. However, each of his gapclosers can be countered in a sterile 1v1 situation (though the new Force Wave made it somewhat trickier with occasional desynchs during circle-strafing). If environment permits the usage of LoS, it's also possible to make it work in your favor. Group environment, naturally, has a whole different set of dynamics, including peeling and assists.

As for Commando, which I also play (Assault), I've got nothing, really. This is indeed the case that you're describing. I do manage to kill Marauders, but those are either FOTM rerolls, or undergeared players. My best bet is usually DoTing him up and minimizing my exposure with line of sight and cleansing whatever I can.

To summarize the general rule of ToR is - if you're ranged and you're being attacked by melee, you're on the defensive, but you are, in most cases, by no means defenseless. And I think this sort of balance is more fair than melee being the mouse and ranged being the cat, because in this case, the imbalance would have been significantly more pronounced.
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